Upcoming Events

2nd Thursday of each month (September to May)

7:30pm. John and Kristina host a quiz night each month at the Village Hall with proceeds going to the upkeep of the Hall.
It is a very light hearted affair with twelve-question rounds such as Pictures, General Knowledge, Sport & Leisure, Science & Nature, Art & Literature and the dreaded Music round. If John is in a particularly fiendish mood he may throw in the impossible True Or False round.
Teams are allowed up to four people - 2.50 per person. Prizes for 1st and 2nd plus a raffle.
The evening is a Jacobs Join i.e. everyone brings some food along, we put it all on a table and have a buffet.

Further in the future ...

Events of the Past

Saturday 2nd June 2012

Olympics and Diamond Jubilee celebration

24th November 2007

Balloon Race

16th November 2007

Wind Turbine Opening