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This area is where we provide information on the history of the Village Hall, how it is run and who the committee members are. Please use the links on the right to access the relevant area.


Out Rawcliffe Village Hall
Crook Gate Lane
Out Rawcliffe


A Brief History Of ...


A committee was formed to raise funds for a Hall. For eleven years funds were raised by Whist & Domino Drives, Dances, Concerts, etc. A lot of money was raised by The Parish Almanac which members delivered round the village and received donations in exchange. Wrestling bouts were also organised and gave the funds a great boost. Fund raising events requiring an indoor venue were held at either the local school or the Mens Reading Room. Events at the school had to be held on a Friday night because the partition had to be pushed back and the desks moved. Events at the Reading Room took place around the billiard table!


We had difficulty funding a suitable site for the Hall but were eventually able to purchase the current plot - the site of a former brick works. The land was purchased in 1961 for 200.


As fund raising could not keep up with inflation the Committee decided to go ahead with the building even though we did not have enough money.
[Ed : Sadly this has usually been the case for all our extensions and works]
The original building was supplied by Vic Hallam of Nottingham. The only stipulations the Committe made were that we wanted a maple dance floor but did not want fluorescent lighting. We obtained a grant for the Hall which was built in three phases.

  • Phase One - entrance hall, cloakrooms, toilets, small kitchen and main room.
  • Phase Two - supper room
  • Phase Three - stage extension

With Phase One complete the Hall was officially opened on 23rd November 1963.


Phase Three was completed. The main enabler for raising funds for the Hall has been the maple dance floor and finally a polisher was bought! It was in this year that the Young Farmers Club bought the trees (now down to one) for the front of the Hall.


Bar room extension completed.


The Committee was given a strip of land on the easterly boundary and were able to pipe the dyke to make the site larger. The southerly boundary was also extended and the car park improved.


Kitchen extension completed.
The Village Hall's Jubilee year! A Silver Jubilee Edition of the Parish Almanac was printed. Over the past few years several founder members have died, so the Committee planted a bed of twenty five Silver Jubilee roses to commemorate the Jubilee year and in remembrance of past members.


Committee Members

There are two main Committees - Management and Social.
The reason for two is historical with the former being a traditional group responsible for the finances and running of the Hall and the latter managing events and fund raising.
As membership has dwindled over the years the membership of the two is virtually identical .. but we live in hope of new members and ideas!

  • Chairman - Michael Gardner
  • Vice Chairman - Allan Lambert
  • Secretary - Sheila Gardner
  • Treasurer - Margaret Higginson
  • Committee Members - Marion Bradshaw, Dawn Lambert, Basil Lawrenson, Evelyn Lawrenson, Trish Walmsley, Annie Wilkinson, John Townley, Stephen Ralphs, Pete and Kate Jones.

As above including :

  • Members - Edward Foster, David Johnson, Sid Lawrenson


Keeping It Ship Shape

An unfortunate fact ...

The Village Hall does not generate enough income from bookings to cover expenditure on lighting, heating and insurance.

Instead the Hall must rely on the Committee and their immediate family and friends donating lots of time and effort each year in fund raising events.

Events as diverse as the Annual Plant Sale, Summer Walks and Quiz Nights. These and more are organised and staffed by volunteers. Our heart felt thanks to them.

Anyone wanting to organise an event or assist with an existing one .. be our guest!

It was in our eagerness to ease this constant fund raising effort that we grabbed at the chance to install a Wind Turbine. The Village Hall's only source of heating is by electric heaters so any opportunity to reduce that bill is welcome.



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